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Online heating control – discover the benefits

Living online is the greatest symbol of the current times. It is also a necessity. In our modern energy-efficient homes, we are increasingly opting not only for remote control of appliances – including heating – but also for controlling their operation via the Internet. Today we will discuss heating control via the Internet, as heating is a key area of the ENGO Controls brand.

To start with, let us remind you that Internet heating control has a very wide range of applications. It is not only suitable for single-family houses, multi-family houses, and rental properties but also for hotels and holiday resorts due to the easy control of several devices at the same time.

Internet heating control – 10 benefits

Optimum room heating

… meaning a high level of thermal comfort that you can influence at all times and which the occupants of your home (hotel guests, office staff) will appreciate. Remember that you can set the temperature individually for each room (zone control). Thanks to the precise control algorithms built into the controllers (e.g. ONE), maintaining it is easy no matter where you are at any given moment. Your family (guests, employees) will never be too hot or too cold. The operation of the zone control, which takes place in the mobile app, is automated and therefore convenient and efficient.

Change settings remotely (via mobile app)

The great thing about buying heating control systems is that you can create a schedule separate for each room, but – as life shows – once set, the settings don’t always keep up with you. There are times when you arrive from work quicker than usual or go out with an unknown return date. In such cases, a schedule is not enough. If you want to return to a perfectly heated home after a tiring day, you need to manually adjust the settings. By controlling the heat source online, you can do this from your office or even from your hotel in Mallorca. Freely updating the heating parameters is therefore another plus of managing your home automation via the Internet.

A method for the forgetful

Once in a while, we all forget to do things as mundane as turning off the lights, turning off the DHW pump, or turning off the TV. With online access to your home appliances, you can remedy your forgetfulness at any time. In the app, we can correct heating values or switch off the equipment, even though we are hundreds of kilometers away. Room-based controllers and relays will help us to do this.

Help for hoteliers

Controlling heating via the Internet is a great convenience for hotel managers, as the Internet gateway supports multiple rooms and controllers simultaneously (ZigBee network). You can also choose controllers that support the universal Wi-Fi protocol (but then you have to reckon with the fact that an interruption in internet access will also interrupt the dependencies you have set up between the operation of your home appliances). As a result, from your home or a private part of the hotel, you have the option of controlling the temperature and also updating the set limits in the rooms rented by customers. You can manage the heating energy consumption of the entire property without getting up from your armchair.

Control of temperature settings from anywhere in the world

We have already mentioned this, but it is worth making a separate point for this advantage. This solution adapts the thermal conditions of the building to our needs better than any other and protects the installation.


Proper heating control brings not only comfort but also real savings. The biggest financial advantage of heating control is that when you are away from home, you do not waste energy. Your schedules allow you to vary the temperatures of rooms throughout the day. You don’t lead to overheating. You don’t heat the building if you don’t need to and you don’t overheat rooms where the higher temperature is not needed.

Online control additionally improves heating efficiency by allowing you to make ad hoc adjustments to preset settings. You operate the settings according to the circumstances and, in an emergency, you eliminate, for example, the heating of an empty house. You use less heating fuel and do not lose money.

Monitoring the performance of home/hotel/office appliances

The ENGO Smart mobile app allows you to generate room temperature graphs. This gives you detailed data at any time about which settings are appropriate for your building and lifestyle and which ones are exposing you to unnecessary costs. This knowledge allows you to modify the system’s operation at will, and to set different, more energy-efficient modes for it.

Security as a bonus (notifications of possible threats)

In addition to automatic signals about the system’s operation, the ENGO Smart app also offers the possibility of receiving notifications, e.g. if an intruder enters the building, if a window or private locker is opened while we are away (opening sensors). This option is an opportunity to react quickly and minimize losses. If you opt for online control of your heating system, you gain privacy protection for your home (hotel, office, room) as a bonus.

Ecological benefits

As well as saving money, controlling heating via the internet – by reducing overheating and unnecessary energy consumption – provides eco-friendly benefits. Reducing emissions affects the environment, becoming a tool to combat global climate change and its negative impact on our health.

Increasing the value of a building on the property market

Building automation is a factor that plays an important role in the purchasing decision. A property equipped with a web-based heating control system gains the prestige of a modern, smart home at the start, and therefore a better price. Developers looking to increase the value of their investment should keep this aspect in mind.

What do you need to control your heating via the Internet?

  • A reliable smart system (ZigBee, Wi-Fi)
  • Compatible devices (controllers)
  • A system-supported mobile app (ENGO Smart)
  • Mobile device (e.g. smartphone)
  • Internet connectivity

In the ENGO Controls range created for online heating control, you will find:

1. the EGATEZB Internet gateway, ensuring communication of all devices in the ZigBee network.

2. controllers operating on the Wi-Fi protocol.

3. free ENGO Smart application, which enables convenient display and quick adjustment of parameters of the entire system and individual controllers.

4. temperature controllers, actuators, and smart accessories operating within the ENGO Smart system, open to the international TUYA technology platform.

ENGO Controls control systems are not reserved for newly constructed buildings. They can easily be adapted to existing and long-established buildings (wireless variant).

You spend a lot of time online every day. Why shouldn’t your home (hotel, office) also be online? Take advantage of the opportunities offered to you by online heating control – we have indicated 10 of them, but in everyday use, you will certainly multiply this number.


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