Discover our easy to use thermostat for boilers and heat pumps!

Looking for an efficient heating control device at the best price?

Try the wired E901 or the wireless E901RF!

What makes our thermostat for boilers and heat pumps different?

  • the ability to choose a control algorithm: hysteresis or TPI
  • 2 types of time schedules
  • HEATING / COOLING function
  • PIN lock
  • possibility to set a minimum and maximum setpoint temperature
  • attractive price

Additional features of the wireless version:

  • operates at a frequency of 868 MHz, which provides a stable signal
  • unique transmission codes
  • automatic signal renewal
  • working range up to 100 m in open space

E901 and E901RF combine standard with precision control. Our proposal of a thermostat for boilers and heat pumps will save money, giving you convenient operation and a minimalist design that will fit into any interior.

Trust in intelligent solutions to control your heating devices!


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