What is building automation used for?

Modern building automation



Building automation in modern times, that is heating control with ENGO Controls

The last two years have changed the way we think about home space. They have taught us that the comfort we feel at home is important for more than just relaxing after work. Reality has shown that the home can successfully become a place where we realize ourselves professionally with good organization. The habits we have learned through this will stay with us. Home office is not going away, it has become an important part of work culture. So how do you adapt the interiors to your needs so that they function as a home office? Building automation will help you.

Building automation – what is worth to control?

Building automation from ENGO Controls are solutions that help optimize the performance of any underfloor heating system. This is mainly due to the calculation-efficient algorithms that manage the heating fuel consumption. Room temperature thermostats, control boxes or super-strong actuators control the heating in zones, i.e. individually in each room. What temperature they maintain depends on our settings. And these, as you know, depend on how we live and in what thermal conditions we feel best. What is important, each room can (and even should) have a different set temperature – lower in the kitchen and bedroom, higher in the living room and bathroom. Well, unless we have exactly different tastes. But from a health point of view, this is how it should look like. The temperature in the rooms is also chosen according to the time of day or week, so as not to waste heat when no one is at home. Zone control is therefore a key component of modern heating control.

With all that said, building automation, is not just limited to the home space.

Heating control has a much wider field of use. It works well in single-family houses, multi-family houses, but also in rented properties and hotels or other accommodation facilities. It will be a great choice for hospitals, sanatoriums, rehabilitation centers, office buildings, or government centers. Anywhere where people gather. With building automation, occupants, patients, employees, or visitors will feel comfortable in these places, and they will be able to better focus on what they need to do: recover, work, or handle official business. On the other hand, owners of buildings equipped with building automation will find it easier to control heating energy consumption and, consequently, heating costs.

Modern means open

It is worth choosing control systems that are expandable and open to other technologies. In this way, we can expand the building control range. Such a system is definitely ENGO Smart, based on the globally popular Tuya platform. With the ENGO Smart mobile application, we enter a new level of automation in our building.

The reason is that it’s hard to find a more versatile control proposition. Tuya Smart, on which the ENGO Smart application is based, was created in order to control DIFFERENT devices in a smart home. The word DIFFERENT has a double meaning here. DIFFERENT devices are not only temperature thermostats, but also light bulbs, switches, roller blinds, home appliances, and household appliances. However, DIFFERENT are also products of DIFFERENT brands, whose operation is combined in one application adapted for this purpose. In such a variant, communication between the equipment (once again, equipment from different manufacturers) takes place in the cloud (Tuya cloud). Is it possible to do it more conveniently? It would be difficult.

Modern control systems are also open to a successful ecological future for our planet. Wasted heat through inefficient or poorly controlled heating systems harms nature. Of course, most of the heating depends on what fuel we use each winter, but the consumption of the heating medium is also important. Because building automation controls the temperature, we only take in as much as we really need. On a national scale (not to mention worldwide) this does a huge job. So it’s important that it’s a good job.

What are the benefits of temperature-controlled building automation?

Let’s summarize. Good building automation:

– saves heating fuel

– saves money for the building owner

– provides a temperature adapted to the purpose of the room

– protects the environment (reduces the amount of combustion products)

– ensures comfort at work and at leisure

ENGO Controls building automation – discover the best

ENGO Controls offers modern products to control underfloor heating:

– programmable, wired or wireless temperature thermostats;

– internet thermostats operating via Wi-Fi;

– thermoelectric actuators for the underfloor heating manifold and…

– underfloor heating control box.

But – of course! – this is just the beginning. There are many interesting devices in the preparation that will change the climate of absolutely any building. Building automation from ENGO Controls is not just another electronic gadget that you can throw away. On the contrary, over time you will begin to appreciate it most. It is a technological background thanks to which you will gain control over building maintenance costs. For our part, we ensure constant product availability and an unlimited supply of design ideas.

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