ZigBee Smart Thermostat, 230V

ENGO ONE is an innovative temperature thermostat with built-in humidity sensor. It is a combination of modernity with precise operation and interesting design. It is characterized by simplicity of installation and operation. Both the surface-mounted battery version (built-in lithium-ion battery) and the flush-mounted 230V version, can be controlled wirelessly via the ENGO Smart app, using the ZigBee 3.0 EGATEZB gateway. The flush-mounted version is wired directly to the receiver (e.g. a control box). It is mainly designed to control underfloor heating systems.

The ENGO ZigBee series of devices is the only series that works with the Tuya system. It offers ENGO binding function, which allows connecting EONE thermostats to receivers directly (ECB62ZB control box, EMODZB module, EREL1ZB12A relay) using the EGATZB gateway. This allows to coonnect the devices without the need to create automation in the mobile application. The binding function ensures stable communication of devices online and offline (even without Internet or router connection).

* Full functionality of the device thanks to the use of ZigBee gateway EGATEZB

Product features:


Power supply

230V AC 50Hz

Max current

3(1) A

Temperature control range

5°C – 45°C

Display temp. accuracy


Control algorithm hm

TPI or hysteresis (±0.1°C to ±2°C)


ZigBee 3.0 2,4GHz

Input S1-S2

Floor or air temp sensor

Control output

COM/NO (voltage free)

Dimensions [mm]

90 x 90 x 34
(13mm after mounting in Ø 60mm box)


zigbee 3.0 communication standard - engo

ZigBee 3.0 communication standard

very easy to use - engo

very easy to use

compatibility with the engo smart application (in tuya cloud technology) - engo

compatibility with the ENGO Smart application (in Tuya Cloud technology)

possibility of connecting additional ntc sensor - engo

possibility of connecting additional NTC sensor

adjustable display backlight strength - engo

Adjustable display backlight strength

possibility to set the minimum and maximum set temperature - engo

possibility to set the minimum and maximum set temperature

graphs with temperature history available in the app - engo

graphs with temperature history available in the app

possibility to share devices with multiple users - engo

possibility to share devices with multiple users

push notifications from the app - engo

push notifications from the app

comfort warm floor function - engo

comfort WARM FLOOR function

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